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Welcome to the New Musselman Development Website!

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Welcome to the new Musselman Development Website!

I have resurrected this website both as part of efforts to improve my life and provide value to others.

My goals for this website include:

  • Creating a source of truth for all of my online content.
  • Share information on topics and ideas that I find interesting.
  • Have a portfolio of all of the projects I have made or maintain.
  • Have fun with something I enjoy.

While I do not currently have plans for allowing guest contributions on this website, I do have other websites in the works that your content may fit well on. Feel free to reach out to me with your ideas, as in the worst case I can give you feedback.

The inspiration behind the resurection of this site came from multiple avenues such as other blogs and a desire to get back into blogging as a whole. I hope to one day bring Musselman Development to a place where It can be a revenue stream for me, so that I can continue doing what I love and enjoy without having to worry too much about finances. I want you to find value here, so please reach out with any questions, ideas, or requests to see more content on a certain topic.

James Musselman
James Musselman
I am a upstart software developer, systems administrator, and problem solver looking to make the world a better place. Feel free to chat with me on one of the platforms below.