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New Years Resolutions

2 mins ยท

Each year I see people starting off the new year with a resolution or five. More often than not they don’t put in place to ensure they stick with them and fail to keep them.

Below are some of the resolutions I have this year, why I chose them, and how I plan to stay accountable.


Resolution #1 - Write daily


This resolution was inspired by a combination of reading Mistborn, and my long time goal of starting a blog. Notice that I didn’t specify on my blog. I have no idea what I will be posting here but maybe not all that I write should make its way to this blog. I may latter start a 100 day challenge but for now I seek to just start off like this.


This by far is my weakest when it comes to accountability as I have no current readers, and a distinct lack of friends who blog. Feel free to fuss at me if I have not been consistency posting! That is a great indicator of me not writing daily.

Resolution #2 - Exercise daily


I will most likely be working at a desk most of my career. I need to build a habit of working on staying healthy. That and I want to be able to run around with my kids in the future and not get winded ;).


I will be posting things I learn weekly to the blog and additionally have a group chat that is holding me accountable on this.

Resolution #3 - Learn Spanish


I have always wanted to learn another language and it is the second most commonly spoken language in my area.


Duolingo does a great enough job gamifying this that I feel that the accountability is built in.