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My Goals for the Next Three Months as of June 2024

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As part of trying to set my life on course to achieve my goals, I have done some research and discovered that it often helps to write them down regularly to keep on track. Posting them here will both give me an easy location to review these in the future but also give me accountability as I plan to come back and write a progress update every 3 Months. This is my second post in the series.

In a perfect world, every goal on my list would be achievable, but we don’t live in one. My list may seem short, but I cut it down to this as I am using a method I have read in a couple places that is usually attributed to Warren Buffett. The method in question is the two list method.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write down your top 25 goals
    • I would recommend a 1 year or 6 month timeline to give a sense of urgency but not to the point where there is an overwhelming sense of doom or failure.
    • These goals should be a bit of a stretch as all good goals are, but keep things realistic. These are not dreams they are measures of progress.
    • 25 goals is the suggestion but not a necessity. Write until you can’t think of anymore. Don’t waste time if you can’t think of more than 10, you can always add or reevaluate these lists every few weeks.
  2. Review that list and circle your top 5 goals
    • These are the most crucial to you, and will have the most impact on your future. These goals should reflect progress towards your goals a decade down the road and align with your core values. This top 20% of your goals will likely have the greatest impact on you overall.

Now you should have two lists:

List A: They are your absolute priorities and need to become the center of your focus, time, and energy. These goals are not just tasks, but rather the pillars that will shape your life and future.

List B : Avoid these at all costs. Multitasking is a distraction, and you need to put these to the side to review at a later date or drop them altogether if they are no longer important to you down the line. Keep these as they may prove useful for making your next list or for a laugh down the line.

Now here is the problem with most goal setting methods. We like to procrastinate. It’s how our brains evolved. That is why I recommend shifting all of your goals to be in a 3-month time frame before you go any further. Each day is indispensable and influential to your life, and we are never guaranteed another. You may not achieve your goal completely in that time frame, but you should have achieved more than you normally would in that time frame. If you didn’t get it done in the three months, and it’s still significant to you, then you can add it to your priorities for the next 3 months.

If you would like more advice on goal setting check out this article: The power of Defining Goals, Ideals, and Standards.

It’s my advice to check on this list every two weeks to evaluate progress towards your goals. I will be posting my progress as I go.

Now without further ado, my list for the next Six Months:

  1. Get a Job
    • Straight forward enough. This will include daily work towards metrics such as number of connections made, jobs applied to, and reaching back out to those who I have interviewed or talked with. It is THE major roadblocks that I currently have.
  2. Find A Local Group of Peers!
  1. Bring a new Project to the MVP Stage
  1. Start an Email Newsletter
  1. Implement Redundancy for My Server

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