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100 Days of Code 2024

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The idea of #100DaysOfCode originally came from personal frustration with my inability to consistently learn to code after work. I would find other less-involved activities to spend my time on, like binge-watching TV series. One of those days, I was sitting in a restaurant with my wife Anna sharing my frustrations with her. I suggested that maybe I should make a public commitment to learning for at least an hour every day, and I thought I would go for 3 months. Anna said it was a good idea, and asked: ‘But why stop at 3 months? You should make it an even 100 days! It just sounds better!’

Alexander Kallaway1

I have seen the “100 days of code” challenge done before many times but never got around to starting and trying to do it myself. I always felt intimidated when I sat down to consider it, so now that I am further in to my journey as a software developer and system administrator I feel a bit more confident. My motivation is quite similar to Alex’s, with my massive decrease in the amount of programming I was doing following the successful end of my senior capstone. During which I spent 8-10 hours a day learning and programming in addition to my classes. It honestly was exhausting and has made me hesitant to go back in full force with a whole new project. The goal is to ease me back into a new project that can provide the world value rather than sitting around wasting my time binge-watching anime or video games.

I am working on quite a few habits this year so whats one more? I enjoy the act of programming regardless, but I have a habit of binging content rather than getting things done. This is my effort to avoid that and work on something that will bring me lasting satisfaction. I often find myself wondering what I am doing with my time, and this will help not only document it, but also put it to better use providing myself and others something of value.

My goal during these hundred is to become proficient in Rust and create at least one complete software project similar to the one I built for my senior capstone project. If you or someone you know has and idea or request for something I should create please reach out and let me know with one of the methods below in my bio.

  1. The above quote is excerpted from Quincy Larson’s article about #100DaysOfCode↩︎

James Musselman
James Musselman
I am a upstart software developer, systems administrator, and problem solver looking to make the world a better place. Feel free to chat with me on one of the platforms below.