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Origins Musselman Development was created as a way for James Musselman to share his knowledge, software, and offerings, while also gathering experience and earn some income while in school. Since its inception it has transitioned to a mixture of a blog and portfolio as he is not currently looking to acquire any new clients. With the removal of said offerings the website has transitioned from a WordPress instance to a static site built upon a custom software stack built on top of Hugo.

About James

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Quick Overview James Musselman is a recent college graduate with a unending desire to learn and improve. If you cant find him behind his desk learning a new technology, you can often find him out in nature or at church. Most of his time is spent learning and programming tools that solve real world problems that he and others have. In Detail I enjoy learning, so it was no surprise that when my father first set me down in front of a computer, I was forevermore inseparable.