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Welcome to Musselman Development’s new website!

If you are in need of a software developer please reach out via email! While we are not actively seeking new clients, we are still open for business.

Some of the previous projects completed by me can be found on the projects tab above ( or by clicking here).

Below are some recent blog posts written by James Musselman. Like all of humanity he is imperfect. If you see an issue please feel free to reach out to him regarding it. Please keep in mind that like tech stacks and frameworks most people change over time, and thus opinions he holds are subject to change. With that disclaimer out of the way feel free to start reading one of these lovely articles:


100 Days of Code 2024

··446 words·3 mins
My 100 days of code challenge was put on hold in favor of job hunting.

New Years Resolutions

·302 words·2 mins
Each year I see people starting off the new year with a resolution or five.